Thursday, June 25, 2009

odds n ends

i haven't forgotten about the mod sampler quilt. i've been working on it sporadically, but this project tends to get pushed to the side more than others b/c i like to work for several hours at a time, and lately i haven't really had several hours.
Mod sampler quilt
Blocks A & B
Mod sampler quilt
Blocks C & D

i think the large duck/multicolor tree pairing is less successful than i'd like b/c both prints are busy and have a lot of white space, but hopefully it won't look too bad altogether with the finished quilt.

i'm having a dilemma b/c the sashing fabric i ordered isn't quite the color i thought i was getting. it's kind of a buttery cream shade. i'm not sure if it goes with the blocks and if maybe i should go with a darker sashing fabric anyway b/c my blocks are so bright. eh, i'll figure that out when i actually finish the blocks. i'll be lucky if i don't lose the E and F parts i have cut out but haven't found time to piece yet.
Cascade 220
i also got 7 skeins of purple heathered cascade 220 in a rav destash. i got a fine fleece from the library and got all ambitious but now it's eleventy billion degrees outside and the last thing i want to touch is a heavy wool cabled sweater.


  1. I like all the fabrics you are useing for your blocks. The yarn looks great! I like heathered yarns.

  2. I love those top blocks, they're gorgeous!



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