Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The socks of woe

oh, the P-socks.
Pattern: Pomatomus from Knitty, Winter 2005
Yarn: Valley Yarns Franklin, handdyed by me in Aubergine
Needles: #1 aluminum dpns
Size: Ladies' 7.5
Started: May 1 - Finished: May 23

i knit these for the Sock Innovation KAL. they are a wedding gift for Spicy's sister. i diligently cast-on in early May, knit the first sock, and then experienced that satisfying feeling of being DONE with a project. too bad i still had one sock left to knit.

the second sock was pure agony. i didn't feel like working on it. i watched the entire run of Firefly on Hulu and rented Serenity to get through it. it wasn't fun, but i finally managed it.

This picture is the socks pre-washing and blocking. i am quite pleased with how the lace opened up after blocking. the yarn feels a lot softer and still has nice stitch definition. i'm happy with Franklin, which is a relief since i have 5000 yards of it.

i still have to knit her fiance a pair of socks. i can guarantee that the pattern won't be anything with 1x1 twisted ribbing.
May Colorways Club
i got my May Colorways batt. i've already spun it up and the yarn is drying. this month is my favorite yet. i love the purples, greens, and golds together.


  1. The Pomas look great! And staring/listening/drooling at Nathan Fillion is one great way to pass the time, lemme tell ya. ;)

  2. That pattern sucked my soul out of me before I'd even finished a single pattern repeat. I feel your pain. They're beautiful though!

  3. You still finished #2c fast! Nice batt--can't wait to see your spun!

  4. awww... hope you can still enjoy wearing the p-socks after all the woe... they are beautiful!

    love the colours for the handspun too. You certainly know how to take a pretty, pretty photograph... *drools slightly*



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