Tuesday, May 12, 2009

one finished P-sock

One Pomatomus down, one to go
i finished one Poma, i mean, Pomato, oh--whatever. most awkward name on the planet.

i might have a case of the grumpies this morning, but you know what else i hate about this pattern besides the name? the non-standard chart symbols. drives me insane. fortunately i don't have to look at the chart for the most part but when i do, it bugs me.

i'm very happy with the way my semi-solid yarn is knitting up. i tried on the sock and it's pretty snug, but hopefully not too snug for a ladies' size 7.5. i didn't realize that the pattern called for #2 needles until i had already begun on #1s.

now i just need to find the motivation to knit the other one. right now i really don't feel like it.


  1. I love the yarn you're using. Lovely. What bugs me about that pattern, aside from its impossible name, is that it looks sideways to me. It seems like the lace should be turned 90 degrees, and it bugs me that it's not symmetrical on the sock. (If that makes sense.)

  2. It looks fab! P.S. I'm with ya on the name of those. I can never get it right.

  3. LOL, well it looks lovely, whatever it's called. The yarn looks lovely, I'll have to try it.



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