Tuesday, May 26, 2009

more hotpads and some news

i decided to work on free-motion quilting. my attempts so far have been disasters, but i figured i would never get better at it if i don't practice. i used this hotpad tutorial from Sew Mama Sew and some scrap fabrics for the front and the brown egg beater fabric for the back. I sewed 1/4" seams instead of 1/2" and adjusted the scrap width accordingly. i also ignored the binding directions and did my own thing.
Quilted patchwork hotpad
i did a pretty crappy quilting job on these. they are functional, but more practice is definitely needed.
Quilted patchwork hotpad
i made another oven mitt from denyse schmidt quilts and the quilting on this one is slightly better.
Too hot to handle
You might ask why all the kitchen quilting goodness all of a sudden. well, i'm preparing for bigger and better things because spicy and i are in the process of buying a house. we're getting pretty close now and we should be moving in another month or so. we're very excited and i'm looking forward to decorating my new house with all kinds of crafty goodness.

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  1. Can't wait to see the house! Now that we've gotten to see a few of the things going into it! Ha ha!

  2. Congrats on the new house!

    I'm no expert at quilting by any means, but it looks to me like if you shortened your stitch length you'd have smoother curves in your free motion quilting. They just look a bit longer than I normally see.

  3. Whoo hoo, congrats on buying a house! Can't wait to see more of it, and what else you make for it!

  4. That is fantastic!!! Congratulations! Oh, and your quilting looks fine to me!



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