Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Oven Mitt
The oven mitt pattern is from Denyse Schmidt Quilts. The fabrics used are Metro Market Hens by Robert Kaufman and the dots are from the Amy Butler Lotus collection. I purchased both on etsy. For piecing and quilting, I used Gutermann ecru cotton quilting thread. The lining is some pastel plaid from the stash and I used single fold bias tape in navy for the raw edge.
Oven Mitt
I followed the directions, except that in addition to one layer of Warm and Natural cotton batting, I added a layer of Insul-bright. I also used spray adhesive to sandwich the layers together instead of pinning. The adhesive doesn't work on insul-bright, so my top layer slid around quite a bit. i should really buy some safety pins for quilting.

Because I had an extra layer of batting, it was fairly difficult to sew the two halves together, but my machine managed. Instead of sewing foofy pom-pom trim to the lower edge (isn't that a fire hazard?) i opted to use single fold bias tape. i stitched it right sides together with a 1/4" seam and then handsewed the inside.

i usually prewash my fabrics, but i got impatient. i'm eager to see what the mitt will look like post-washing. Washing before use is a must since the adhesive spray is flammable (talk about your fire hazards!).

i'm planning to make another mitt with the beater and apple fabrics and also some potholders. eventually i will find the time.

i subscribed to the digital version of Yarn Forward because this issue has a bunch of patterns that I really like. My favorite patterns (preview) are Morning Echo, the lacy Scoopneck pullover, the Salzberg socks, the Siena cardigan, and Magda. I had no problems downloading and installing the software on my Mac, but the print quality is pretty poor. It's readable, but barely. I would prefer PDF format over the Delivery software, but it's decent for the price.


  1. So so cute. I need that fabric. It would go well with my chicken farm theme :)

  2. TOO cute! Excellent call using bias tape, pom poms on oven mitts? Really?

  3. Very cute! I will say that whole preshrinking fabric sucks. Esp when one doesn't have a dryer and it's winter.

  4. You are so multitalented - I LOVE this oven mitt!



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