Tuesday, April 07, 2009

snowing in april

yep, the snow is falling pretty hard outside. *sigh*

i'm being pulled in several different directions at the moment, and i'm finding it hard to concentrate on any one thing. so i'm just pulling my usual and multi-tasking on many things all at once. it's not the fastest to the finish, but it works.
i just started the upper bodice lace pattern on the fronts. i will admit that the vertical lace pattern got really boring by the end. my row gauge is off significantly from the pattern, so i had to keep adding rows to get the correct vertical measurements. it was a bit of a slog. i'm quite close to being done with this top, but my lace mojo has left me.
Eva's Shawl
i started Eva's Shawl (look under "Free Patterns") with my Mountain Colors Targhee handspun. i'm using a G hook and plan to crochet until i run out of yarn.
Eva's Shawl
i like the look of Revontuli but i know that i would never finish it. this crochet shawl is reasonably similar and works well with self-striping yarn but potentially allows me to put it down for months at a time without tying up any needles. This will be a birthday gift for my sister-in-law. Her birthday is in July--surely i can finish it by then.


  1. Snow... it's too late for snow. It should be warming up, with birds singing, flowers blooming, that kind of thing. A nice colorful shawl is a good project for this type of weather. Great choice.

  2. That is is going to be a gorgeous shawl - what rich colorful handspun! (and I like the quilt underneath too!)

  3. Beautiful shawl, and it snowed Monday after work here...crazy for April in Missouri.

  4. Hey! Found your blog through Ravelry, as I am making the same top from the same book with the same yarn (as soon as I get it in the mail). Glad to see someone else is paving the way! Looks great - I can't wait to make my own (although not too excited about slogging my way through the lace...)



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