Thursday, April 02, 2009

repeating myself

i knit another liesl.
Liesl II
this one used ~450 yds of worsted weight colourmart cashmere in extremely dark navy.
#11 and #10.5 denise circs
30" size, boatneck version
Started March 29, Finished March 31.
Mods: I knit a buttonhole every 20 rows. I also switched to 10.5 circs halfway down the sleeves.
Liesl II
this sweater will be perfect for Insanely Cold Office Temps during the summer. i love that it's so versatile. it was quick to knit, but doesn't look bulky. it uses a very old-fashioned lace pattern, but the finished product doesn't look dowdy. i probably should've added twice the buttons, but i never button my cardigans all the way anyway.

i wasn't impressed with the yarn. i treated myself to 2 cones of cashmere over xmas. it was supposed to be a fingering weight cashmere, 690 yds/cone. i ended up with 490yds total of a heavy worsted weight. i skeined and prewashed the skeins. i soaked the garment in very hot water, as the oil hadn't washed out completely in the prewash. it still doesn't feel like cashmere. it actually feels much more like cotton. it isn't terrible, but it's certainly nothing to write home about.

after seeing the interweave galleries, i finally caved and bought spring IK. now i have a bunch more sweaters in my queue. i'm itching to start something new.


  1. That is absolutely gorgeous and it looks great on you! I've never really been struck by that pattern - until now. Off to queue it up!

  2. wow, that was fast! Now I'm inspired to maybe make one of these with my leftover cashmere from Eastlake.

    i think School Products has a lot of different worsted weight cashmeres. The Eastlake yarn was a big multi-stranded bundle without any twist, and it knit up really soft and velvety. Not cottony at all.

  3. Love it! Like very, very classy fishnet that can be worn to the office. What a great knit.

  4. oooh that looks amazing in such a dark color! Nice!

  5. I just got this pattern--it looks very tempting an dyou're not helping!!!

  6. Oooh, pretty!



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