Friday, April 03, 2009

Rejuvenating the stash

i've been pretty good about using up yarn from stash. my warm-weather stash in particular has dwindled to pretty much nothing. to remedy this, i placed a knitpicks order for some of their summer yarns.
Knitpicks Bare Imagination, Sock Innovation, & Spring IK 2009
i picked up Sock Innovation by Cookie A. I actually want to knit all of the patterns. i joined the book KAL on ravelry (the normal one, not the psycho control-freak one), but i am currently paralyzed on where to start, so i might wait until May to cast-on.

i bought a skein of Bare Imagination (the wool/alpaca/nylon blend) to try. it's a loosely plied 2ply yarn. the structure is quite similar to palette, a yarn that wasn't my favorite. it's very soft but i have my doubts that it will hold up well for socks (it seems great for lace). i am seriously thinking of running it through my wheel to add more plying twist before dyeing.
Knitpicks Cotlin in Blackberry
i picked up 8 skeins of cotlin in blackberry. i'm not sure what to do with it yet. i would classify this on the heavier side of DK. it's quite stiff in the skein. i kind of expected this b/c of the linen, but i can tell it will hurt my hands to work with it. i might skein it up and prewash to see if that softens it.
Knitpicks Simply Cotton Sport in Marshmallow
i got 4 skeins of simply cotton sport in marshmallow. one of my beefs with knitpicks is that the yarn weights are rarely what they claim to be on the label. this one is a true sportweight. i got out a leftover skein of shine to compare, and simply cotton is definitely thinner. it's also very soft and feels similar to shine without the shiny part, if that makes sense.

i have been looking for an affordable lightweight summer yarn for awhile, b/c it's easier on my hands and i don't like heavy weight summer garments. this might be my new go-to yarn as long as it washes and wears well. i can see myself buying any/all of the colors and dyeing with natural dyes to get more color variety.
Delphine from Spring IK 2009
i started Delphine with simply cotton sport. i'm knitting the 35.5" size on #4 knitpicks options and #3 addi turbos. the yarn has lovely stitch definition but the fabric is quite drapey and soft. i really like this yarn.

the pattern is very well written and cleverly designed, and it looks like a shirt i would buy in a store. i wasn't really into the FrenchGirlKnits aesthetic, but if this top turns out well, i'm willing to give the book another glance.


  1. Oooo, I am so jealous you have the new Cookie A. book! I'm trying very hard to resist that one until my birthday!

  2. Sock Innovation is *such* am amazing book. I've been drooling over the patterns since it came in. Hmm. lol, I wonder which the "psycho control freak" group is. I'm in so many Cookie groups I don't even look at half of them.

  3. Lovely stuff! I also bought the Cookie A. book and will be knitting from it really, really soon.

    And I love the idea of rejuvenating my stash. I think it needs an injection of yarny botox.



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