Friday, April 24, 2009

Pretty Yarn Week: Friday

Today's Yarn is The Forgotten Handspun
2ply Bulky Romney/Alpaca handspun
375yds/9.68oz 2ply Romney/Alpaca handspun
bulky weight
spun longdraw, fulled to finish
2ply Bulky Romney/Alpaca handspun
i dyed the locks with acid dyes
blended with handcards, ~70% romney/30% alpaca. romney was fleece purchased at rhinebeck 2008/alpaca was raw fiber purchased at Finger Lakes Fiber Festival 2008.

this was the last yarn i spun on the babe. i had one more bobbin left to ply, then i got the rose. i set the babe aside and haven't touched it since. i finally plied the last bobbin on the rose. the difference is pretty obvious. i've learned to ply a bit more loosely since then (the final plied yarn is the 3rd skein in the first photo).

the yarn is very dense and ropy. i've come a long way since the babe days. i have no clue what to do with the yarn. maybe slippers? or a bag? the yarn isn't soft at all, so scarves/hats are out.

this yarn is the same dyed romney locks, but combed instead of carded. the difference between the two is pretty striking.


  1. lovely!

    I've very much enjoyed Pretty Yarn Week... *mops up drool from tabletop*

  2. It's not soft? Huh, it sure looks soft--looks can be deceiving.



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