Monday, April 27, 2009

Drinking in the Virtual Wool Fumes

I finished my mom's Kai-Mei socks for Mother's Day.
Started April 11, Finished April 21. My 7th finished pair of 2009. 2 skeins shepherd baby wool with kool-aid overdye, #1 bamboo dpns. Pattern is from Sock Innovation by Cookie A.

I like the socks. the pattern was really easy, but kind of boring by the end. it looks like the Sock Innovation KAL might pick this pattern for next month's socks, so i guess that makes me a sock pioneer. i'll probably skip the KAL in May and knit my dad some Father's Day/birthday socks instead.

i love to scoff at the individuals who stalk their computers for hard-to-find yarn updates. i am above such trivialities. however, i realize now that HTF yarn just isn't my particular brand of poison. evidently my achilles heel is hard-to-get fleece from Whitefish Bay Farm.

i received advance notice of when the fleeces would be posted, and i kept open a tab in firefox with auto refresh enabled, "just to see" what was available. yeah right. i jumped at the chance to order Vinca: 3.13 lbs of extra fine charcoal grey corriedale lamb fleece.
Vinca from Whitefish Bay Farm
it arrived in a very timely fashion in a surprisingly small box. my cat, Wyatt, tried his best to roll in the fleece and meowed in protest when i wouldn't let him. he loves things that are the same color as he is + dirty sheep fleece = Wyatt Love 4-eva.
Vinca from Whitefish Bay Farm
the fleece is very crimpy and soft, much more like merino than the corriedale i'm used to. it was also really greasy. i soaked it in dawn twice and rinsed 3 times, but the locks still feel a bit tacky. i still have half the fleece to wash and i think i may add an additional dawn soak to the mix for the second half. the fleece has a tiny bit of VM, but nothing excessive. it was also very well-skirted with hardly any 2nd cuts, so i didn't have much to toss out.
Vinca from Whitefish Bay Farm
i was afraid of the locks felting in the wash, but so far it looks like they haven't. i used my 2-pitch mini combs and made a sportweight chain-plied sample. the staple length is pretty short so i wasn't sure that combs would be the best option, but i think it worked ok.

i'm hoping to spin for a sweater this summer so i'll be ready to cast-on by fall. right now i'm thinking a sportweight 3ply for the Tangled Yoke Cardigan, but i'm flexible depending on final yardage and weight.


  1. LOVE those Kai Mei socks! Lucky Mom!

  2. Darn they must be toe-up then huh? Freakin' gorgeous!

    I'm afraid to buy a fleece--first it was knitting, then it was spinning, next step is to be buying fleece, then before you know it it's sheep!



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