Friday, April 17, 2009

Behold, the Cone

Valley Yarns Franklin
i ordered a 3lb cone of Valley Yarns Franklin for sock yarn dyeing. it's 4ply, a little fuzzy, not merino, and the natural color is a little darker than i'm used to.

of course i already dyed a couple of skeins last night. it takes dye well, but the natural color makes achieving lighter shades a little tricky. the yarn fluffs up well after dyeing and feels softer in the washed skein. if i had to compare it to a commercial yarn i'd say it's pretty close to lorna's laces shepherd sock, though not quite as soft.

my knitting progress has been slow partly b/c i'm busy and partly b/c i've had some pretty bad hand/wrist pain. Delphine was the culprit--i might have to give up cotton and other stiff fibers. i'm about half an inch away from finishing the second cuff of kai-mei, but it's taking forever since i can only knit a few rows at a time. i realized that i can no longer just sit and watch tv. it drives me crazy not doing anything with my hands. but better to sit idle and stir crazy than to lose all ability to use my hands. i'm getting better, but progress will continue to be slow for awhile.


  1. Sorry to hear about the wrist pain! It seems like so many people have had issues recently, myself included.

  2. I can't wait to see what your dye job looks like! Yeah I hear you, I've tried watching TV w/out knitting and it seems so counter productive! I can't do it anymore!

  3. Holy cow that's a lot of yarn!

    Sorry about the wrist pain. I know what you mean, though I got a bit of that around Christmas. I also realized that I have a hard time just sitting and watching TV or a movie.

  4. Sorry to hear about your wrist. I feel your pain, mine is always flaring up too. The remedy that works for me is paracetamol and sewing :) Know exactly what you mean about watching TV! Hope you don't have to go on any train or bus journeys until it has cleared up... or sit in any doctors waiting rooms... that would be even worse!



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