Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Shiny Pointy Things

My local craiglist has been good to me. first i got a woolee winder and 4 bobbins for less than the cost of the WW alone, and now i found 2 sets of wool combs for $110.
Wool Combs
i got a set of 4 pitch Indigo Hound English combs and a set of 2 pitch Valkyrie minicombs. so far i actually prefer the minicombs. although you can fit a lot more fiber on the english combs, i get fatigued more quickly. plus with the minicombs i can sit down. the only downside is trying to diz off the minicombs. there is no stationary pad, and trying to pull the fiber into top and hold it at the same time is kind of a juggling act.

please don't take my combing "demonstration" as anything to emulate. i clearly have no idea what i'm doing. sock pron's post on english combing is much more informative. i've eliminated all of the action shots, because that would require use of the self-timer and i am just way too lazy for that.
Lashing on the combs
i've lashed the fiber onto the stationary comb. i'm using my Romney fleece, Buster, that i bought at rhinebeck last year. when i washed the fleece, i did not preserve lock formation, because i read that the only reason to do so was for combing, and clearly i did not own combs. so i probably have more waste than i would have had i kept the fleece in neat locks. oh well.

i spray the locks with a weak solution of hair conditioner and water. i tried combing without it, and the static made it almost impossible. spritzing really helps.
Combing 1st pass
i've combed the locks and transferred them back to the stationary comb. the big combs definitely take less passes than the little ones.
Ready to diz
i've combed and transferred the fiber a second time. i should probably do this more than twice, but i am wicked lazy. i've pulled the tip of the fiber into a goat's beard to get it ready to go through the diz.
Nests of top ready to spin
here are my little nests of top, all ready to spin. sadly this is only about an ounce of fiber. i have around 3 lbs of romney fleece. that makes for a lot of combing in my future.

combing is actually quite fun. handcarding makes me want to cry after 10 minutes, so i'm glad that i've found a fiber processing alternative. spinning from handcombed top is heavenly. i'm hoping to comb enough fleece to spin a sweater's worth of yarn.

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  1. And if you ever have a home invasion--you're well armed!

    I'm going to add another search term to my infrequent craigslist searches!



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