Thursday, March 05, 2009

Pretty Yarn Day

Left 2 frames: Crown Mountain Farms Superwash Merino in San Francisco, 235yds/2oz, fingering weight. Singles were spun worsted then chain plied, soaked and thwacked to finish. I still have 2oz left to spin a matching skein for socks.

Right 2 frames: Romney fleece, "Buster," purchased at rhinebeck 2008. 2ply worsted spun, 230yds/2oz, fingering weight. Locks were dyed with yellow and brown acid dyes. My first handcombed top using valkyrie minicombs. soaked and thwacked to finish.

handcombed top practically spins itself. i love how romney takes dyes and the nearly translucent luster of the skein. the yarn is a bit rough, but would be great in colorwork.


  1. Hiya, Really love seeing your yarn pictures. I'm doing a spinning course in a few weeks so I hope to have some of my own soon. Thanks for describing the techniques you used, it's starting to mean something to me!

  2. Those are both so gorgeous. I'm really going to have take up spinning one of these days.



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