Friday, March 06, 2009

gloves for "meh"

Woolen Gloves from Knitting Classic Style
have you ever tried to take a picture of yourself wearing gloves? it's really hard not to look like a freak, especially when your elbows bend the wrong way when you hold them out straight. just trust me on this.

so i finally knit a pair of gloves. it was an underwhelming experience. but first, the stats.
Pattern: Woolen Gloves from Knitting Classic Style
Yarn: 2ply CMF handspun in Under the Boardwalk, 60g of leftovers from 2 different skeins
Started January 13, Finished February 22
Mods: I knit fewer increases for the thumb gusset, because I had read on Ravelry that the thumb opening was too big. I also shortened the cuffs because I had a limited amount of yarn.

back to being underwhelmed.

Problem #1: i didn't have enough yarn. by the end, i was left with about 10 inches. Because i was constantly worried about running out, i knit the fingers on the second glove too short and had to go back and add more length to pretty much all of the fingers. that totally blew.

Problem #2: the gloves don't match in color. at all. now you know how much handspun can vary within one roving spun in the same way throughout.

Problem #3: the cuffs are too long. i knit them shorter than specified but they aren't practical at all to wear with long sleeves. also, they aren't the same length even though i knit the same number of rows. Note to self: when using handspun, knit according to length measurements, not rows.

Problem #4: they are thick enough to feel clumsy but not warm at all.

Problem #5: i hate knitting gloves. i hate having to knit all those fingers and i hate having to weave in so many ends.

i guess i'm a mittens gal at heart. i finally knit a pair of gloves but honestly i wouldn't be sad if i never knit another.



  1. But you did it and now you've got glove knitting skills on your resume. ;) Have you seen the fingers down glove pattern in the winter VK? Interesting construction. The fingers are knit as small tubes and then placed together on a dpn to be joined to the hand, then pinkie and thumb...

  2. Sorry you're underwhelmed, they certainly look impressive! But yeah, totally with ya on the finger tubes (hehe, that sounds pervy). Hence why I like me some fingerless mitts. ;)

  3. I'm the same way about knitting gloves. I always go back to the mittens, although I'd say I much prefer wearing gloves in general life. Those are very lovely though, despite the underwhelming experience of knitting them.

  4. They're really pretty! Like Mag said, at least now you can say you've made a pair of gloves--I've never made a pair of full-on gloves, only the fingerless variety. I always worry that the fingers will be too thick and awkward.



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