Friday, March 27, 2009

Burst of color

Colorways Club March 09 Mud Season
Colorways Club March 2009 Mud Season
249yds/118g total
chain plied worsted weight yarn spun longdraw
fulled to finish
Colorways Club March 09 Mud Season
i attempted to split the batt in half with all colors present in each half. i did not do a great job with this, as the first skein was 97yds and the second 152yds. after splitting in half, i stripped small sections vertically and rolled them into rolags and spun in color sequence, so all of the brown is in one section, all of the green, etc., so the yarn has very long color repeats.
Colorways Club March 09 Mud Season
there's a few reasons i don't spin longdraw much. i hate using handcards, for one. i am perhaps too attached to using the woolee winder, which has the delta orifice. i like to hold my rolags off to the side when i spin longdraw and the single vibrates with the delta. i sucked it up and used the round orifice and regular bobbins for this yarn, and plied with the ww.

because i'm lacking in practice, my longdraw technique is not the best. on the first skein, i didn't add enough twist and my single kept falling apart while i was chain-plying, and i had a lot of waste. the second skein was better. i also have issues keeping the single consistent. i'm hoping i'll get better at this with time. that's a good thing about doing the club--i'll get more longdraw practice in at least once a month.

i wanted a yarn with the long color repeats of noro but more stability/less pilling than a singles yarn. i've already completed one lizard ridge square. i'm planning to knit and block the squares each month instead of doing it all at once.


  1. oh that's gorgeous... love the colours. A handspun lizard ridge is such a lovely idea, hope you have fun with it!

  2. I have the same problem with my long draw. But the yarn looks great. I can't wait to see your Lizard Ridge at the end of the year!



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