Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"You might remember me from such films as..."

so i watched obama's speech last night, and i thought it was a good speech, though my general reaction to the whole thing was, "um, yeah. good luck with that." i think someone may have gotten a bit overambitious. i also wish we could stop the theatricality of the congressional applause machine. just let the man get on with it already.

but mostly i want to talk about Jindal's reaction speech. i watch the sunday morning shows--i have seen Jindal speak like a normal human being before. so what the hell was going on last night? it was like a weird hybrid of Troy McClure and Mr. Rogers. The only thing missing was Bobby sitting in an armchair by the fireplace, curled up in a Snuggie. if this is the best the republican party can do, man are they fucked.

anyway, i got so distracted by the speech that i mixed up the right and left fronts of my cardigan and had to rip back. after a reasonable amount of swearing, i frogged to the waist ribbing and got back on track.
Hey Teach in progress
i attached the shoulders with the 3 needle bindoff and added the collar ribbing. next i'll do the buttonbands, then the sleeves.

i am a big fan of steam blocking the pieces to lay flat for seaming, then wet blocking the entire sweater when it's finished. i think i'm starting to become a fan of knitting flat. it's nice not to have to carry the weight of the sweater all at once.


  1. I think there are only three things that the GOP care about in pushing this man forward. Is he 'ethnic' enough? Is he 'young' enough? and Is he 'articulate' enough? Those three things are what count for a candidate to go up against Oboner in 2012.

    I've seen a lot of fast master knitters like yourself do the 'mix up the fronts' mistake. I think it is a natural weakness of the speed of production. What a pain though. I would surely cry.

  2. I am so horrible at seaming that I always pick projects with minimal finishing.

  3. Wuhahahah Troy McClure and Mr. Rogers. Hee hee. And Mag said Oboner...!

    Nice looking Hey Teach. Damn those politicos making you mess up your fronts! At least it was bipartisan huh? ;-)

  4. Interesting to note that no conservatives that I know are gabbing about Mr. Rogers and his video. I would say that is a solid "FAIL!" on his job application for head of the party. :-) (I watched it on the youtube. It does come off like a resume video for a position at a cheese factory.)



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