Tuesday, February 03, 2009

win a little, lose a little

4oz BFL in Earth
i dyed some fiber this weekend. Some of it was a success, some less so. this is 4oz of BFL, dyed with acid dyes, using the hot pour method.
4oz BFL in Earth
I'm calling it Earth.
4oz BFL in Troll
This is 4oz of BFL, dyed using natural dyes and the hot pour method. I'm calling it Troll, for now. I used red onion skin, carrot tops, and black rice. I did use a mordant, but I believe I didn't do it correctly. I don't want to overdye the fiber for fear of felting. I will spin this up and then overdye the yarn to hopefully get a better color.
4oz Rambouillet
this little loaf of bread is 4oz of rambouillet, purchased at stringtown while i was in arkansas. it's from a farm in Oklahoma. i am planning to spin it for my rubberswap partner.
malabrigo in velvet grapes
this is malabrigo in velvet grapes. i used one skein to knit my mom's hat and i'll use the other to knit me one. but not the same one. matchy matchy hats with your mom is just wrong, no matter how far you are separated.


  1. Uh oh. I'm wearing matchy match socks mom socks right now!

    Let us know if that Rambouillet spins up good for you. I think I tried some of that and it kept snapping on me. No matter what I did--spindle or wheel!



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