Monday, February 23, 2009

spinning goodies

Rubberswap Package
i received my rubberswap package from Caam last week. It is full of awesome goodies--some chocolate and fruity teas, as well as 8oz of gorgeous spinning fiber.
Gale's Art BFL 4oz
I have been wanting to try this handpainted black BFL from Gale's Art for awhile now. I think the colors will be subtle and lovely spun up.
4oz Mountain Colors Targhee
Targhee has been on my list of breeds to spin, but i haven't tried it yet. i absolutely love the colors of this one as well.

i'm thinking about spinning them both at the same weight and using them together in a project. Caam did a faboo job of picking out fiber for me. thanks!

right now i'm spinning 4oz of laceweight camel/tussah silk that i carded together. i am enjoying the process, but i'm thinking i won't be done for months. it takes me about half an hour to spin just one rolag.


  1. Lucky you! Targhee is one of my favorite wools. And I hear you about laceweight. I just finished 8 oz. of laceweight merino 2 ply, and at times I was worried it might kill me. :)

  2. Ooo...look at that pretty fiber. Makes me want to go shopping!



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