Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rubberswap and Retro

My swap partner received her package, so I can reveal the handspun I sent her.
Troll Rubberswap Mosaic
This is 232yds/4.3oz of BFL from Sheep Shed/Mountain View Farms, bought at Rhinebeck 2008. Color is Troll, naturally dyed with black rice, 12-13wpi/light worsted weight.

I first attempted to dye the top with carrot tops, black rice, and onion skins, but the color was this ugly greyish shade that i promptly named, "Troll." I spun the yarn as a 2ply, then overdyed in a stronger solution of black rice with more alum/cream of tartar mordant. I left it in the dyebath overnight. I then fulled the yarn to finish. I think it's interesting to see how finishing really changes the evenness of the yarn.
Crown Mountain Farms San Francisco Handspun Rubberswap
This is 661yds/4.2oz of Crown Mountain Farms Superwash Merino in San Francisco, 28wpi/lace weight.

I was aiming to spin a light fingering weight, but went a bit overboard and ended up with a lace weight. whoops. This will make a pretty lace shawl or scarf. I also fulled to finish and the yarn poofed up a little, but not enough to make it sock yarn.
Retro Rib Socks
I finished Spicy's Retro Rib socks. Pattern from IK Winter 2004, #1 addi turbos, cuff-down one at a time. I knit the size L with no mods.

knitpicks bare superwash/nylon, 1 skein in my kettle dyed yarn in Stormy Weather. I used acid dyes. i really liked the softness of the yarn, and if it wears well, i would definitely use it again.

Started February 14, Finished February 18. My 4th finished pair of 2009. The socks were fun and quick to knit, and they make nice boy socks.
Retro Rib Socks


  1. you're making me hungry all this talk of rice and onions and carrots! That's really pretty stuff--lucky swapee!

  2. Nicely done on the handspun! Troll, hehehe. That word immediately makes me think of the one in HP1.

    Exellent Retro Ribs, too! Very manly!



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