Thursday, February 12, 2009

pretty yarn day

Remember this?
4oz BFL in Earth
180yds/4.2oz chain plied BFL, 10wpi, aran weight. Roving was kettle dyed with acid dyes.
Chain-plied BFL Handspun in Earth
I spun short-forward draw with the low whorl. i can't work out the exact ratios because there are too many for me to remember. oh well.
Chain-plied BFL Handspun in Earth
this one i just soaked in warm water and thwacked. i'm planning to use it in a sooper sekrit project.
Chain-plied BFL Handspun in Earth
i'm pretty sure i'm getting vain about my handspun. i've recently taken to reskeining before i photograph. though it does make it a lot easier to wind it after it's been reskeined. otherwise the hank is often tangled/stuck together from thwacking and or/fulling. at least that's what i tell myself.

i feel much better after my rant from yesterday. though i did think of one more:

my cats broke into my yarn closet and they ate all of my exclusive indie dyed yarn and left all the fun fur. please send me new cats.


  1. That last one and what inspired it, priceless.

    Verdant Splendor, is what I've named your spin. :-)

  2. hee hee :)

    tu el hilo es muy bonita :)

    Very pretty yarn.



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