Friday, February 27, 2009

phoenix rising

i finished hey teach yesterday afternoon. it's blocking right now, along with another project i forgot to blog. who knows when i'll find the right buttons--that's one of the things i hate about cardigans.

here is an example that perfectly demonstrates why it might be better to knit in pieces.
Central Park Hoodie in progress
i last worked on this sweater in October 2008. why did i let it sit for so long? i had picked up the sleeve stitches but hadn't started sleeve #2. working a set-in sleeve in the round on such a large and heavy project is a big ol' pain in the ass.

i really like the method, but i think it is best reserved for lighter weight garments. constantly having to turn the entire sweater to work on the sleeve is tiring. i switched from magic loop with denise circs to using my 16" knitpicks options. this helped in some respects (not having to slide all those stitches along a thick plastic cord) but hurt in others (the cords are just a little too short and they hurt my wrists). i bet if i had just knit the sleeves flat and seamed them, i would've been done ages ago.

at any rate, i finally have hope that i might actually finish this sweater someday. i know if i ever get it done i'll wear it all the time. it'll probably take me til 2010 to find the right buttons, however. did i mention that i hate making cardigans?

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  1. The temptation to NOT have to sew in a sleeve is great though, but once you've done it, no big deal. I think it is more troubling to knitters who have never sewn garments.



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