Monday, February 09, 2009

My Ghetto Kate

My Ghetto Lazy Kate
I realized that I hadn't ever gotten a picture of the ghetto lazy kate that Spicy and I made together. it can hold up to 4 bobbins.

I bought a couple of $1 baskets at walmart, plus some #2 pencils and erasers. Spicy used some scrap wood, screws, and hooks that he had on hand and put it together for me. the tension cord is some elastic thread that i had at home. the tensioning still needs work. i should have threaded it through the holes differently--right now the middle bobbin doesn't get much tension. the wood makes it heavy enough that the kate doesn't slide around on the floor while i'm plying.

i'm holding out for the day that spicy can make me a fancy wood kate. for now, this'll do just fine.


  1. It really isn't ghetto at all. It is ingenious. I love those plastic baskets for storage and toting stuff around.



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