Tuesday, February 24, 2009

i'm pretty much over winter

it's not even march yet, and i'm done with winter. i just want to make pretty swingy skirts and cute little cardigans, and wear open toe shoes. too bad the weather is unlikely to cooperate with me. at least i can get ready.
Hey Teach in progress
i started hey, teach from knitty. i'm using the brooks farm four play i bought at rhinebeck and #8 denise circs. i am knitting the 32" size.
Hey Teach in progress
i left the back shoulder stitches live and i plan to use the 3 needle bind-off, but so far there haven't been any other mods. i only have two skeins, and i wanted something pretty that will show off the yarn.

the pattern is easy and fun to knit. if all goes well i should be finished way before spring actually gets here, but you never know with me. i'm ready to start the lace pattern on the fronts.


  1. That looks great so far. I really like how the subtle color variation interacts with the lact pattern.

  2. It's a great denim color and I love the way it looks.



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