Thursday, February 26, 2009

a bit o' blending

i didn't work on hey teach at all last night because it was Date Nite with Spicy, so instead i'll share my latest spinning. i haven't worked on it since the weekend, but i do really enjoy spinning it.
50/50 Camel Silk Rolags
last friday, i used my handcards to combine 2oz of camel with 2oz of tussah silk to make a large bag of crappily formed rolags. i only did 2 passes on the cards because i didn't want to break the fiber, so it's not blended all that well and there's a lot of color variation from bright orangey red to dark purple.
50/50 Camel Silk singles
i'm spinning very thin singles, aiming for a 2ply laceweight. i am spinning short forward draw, which in retrospect probably wasn't the smartest move. it takes FOREVER to spin one rolag. surprisingly i'm not tired of the project yet. i really enjoy working with such a luxurious blend, and i'm already dreaming of ways to use the finished yarn. i can't wait to see how much yardage i'll get from the 4oz.

1 comment:

  1. Mmm...camel! I want to try my hand at that. I love how red that's turning out.



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