Thursday, January 29, 2009

Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated

Me and Mom
that's me and my mom. i went to Arkansas and got my hair did. funny story--the hair lady asked me if i wanted to donate my hair to locks of love since she cut off 10 inches. i had donated to them once before, here in rochester--the hair stylist took my hair and mailed it for me. this makes sense, as she probably has connections with the charity, being in the hair business and all. well, the hair lady in AR put my wet hair in a plastic bag and handed it back to me. i know that i'm weird, but this freaked me out considerably. it also freaked me out that i kept forgetting about it, so we drove around with my wet hair in the car for like 3 days.

note to self: ask the hair people if they deal with the hair before agreeing to anything.
Mom's hat
this is my mom's new hat. she had been wearing this monstrosity
Mom, Cookie, & Reese
which i deemed completely unacceptable. we went to Stringtown and i bought some malabrigo in velvet grapes. this was my first time knitting with malabrigo, and i now know that the reports of its loveliness are valid. i also picked up the spring knitscene and knit my mom the tempest beret on #8 and #9 denise circs. it didn't turn out very beret-like, but the pic is pre-blocking. i gave my mom instructions so hopefully postwash it will be more beret and less beanie.
Log Cabin Socks
i gave my brother his log cabin socks in plymouth encore. i finished them in 2 days for his size 14 feet. one of these days i'll knit him a fine-gauge pair of socks. i really loved the pattern and i want to knit myself a pair as well.
Quant headbank
you can sort of see the quant headband i made for my sister-in-law. i used my CMF 2ply superwash merino handspun. i followed mods to make the headband symmetrical, but i can't recall where i found them.

i didn't get pics of the stuff i made for my dad, mom, and my stepmother. i feel like i should throw in a picture of my dad and Chris just for balance. pretend that my dad is wearing a handspun garter stitch cowl and my stepmother is wearing a llama/silk handspun stockinette hat.
Dad & Chris
Family dogs
i'll end with a mosaic of the family dogs. i didn't even get a pic of my brother's dog. i am the only one in my family now who has cats.


  1. Cute haircut! And I love the dogsaic. Long-haired dachshunds crack me up.

  2. Looks like you've been busy knitting! All that knitting and gift-giving sure does take up one's time. : )

  3. Hee hee! Cut hair is a little weird.

    I love the mom-hat. And size 14 man socks in 2 days??? Holy crap!

  4. Aww, you and your fam are so cute!

  5. Great gifts--nice to see your family enjoys them. The dogs, super cute (no offense to your cat).

  6. It looks like you had a great time! Weiner dogs! Squee!

  7. I know, the hair thing. First it's a part of your body that you fuss over every day...snip's a severed body part on the floor. Brain shift!

    Love the family photos.



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