Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thursday Yarn Pretties

I finished my first handspun on the new wheel.
Olive and Navy
Domestic wool top acquired at the Finger Lakes Fiber Festival 2008.

Olive is 2ply 311yds/1.9oz. 16 wpi/fingering weight. Navy is 2ply 164yds/.9oz. 16 wpi/fingering weight.
Olive and Navy
The red is louet gems fingering for scale. i spun both yarns short-forward draw.

i am grateful for having the babe to learn on. if i hadn't had the opportunity to get it, i probably never would have taken up spinning. having said that, i feel like i traded in an '88 Ford Tempo for a brand new Mercedes Benz.

i felt like such a crappy spinner b/c i could never make thin consistent yarns with decent yardage. the ease of spinning on the rose is remarkable. i don't have to treadle like a madwoman, and i can concentrate more on drafting. i was able to spin worsted style and still have soft lofty yarns that don't feel like straw. not to give all the credit to the wheel--i worked very hard not to overspin and i used the wpi guide from a mabel ross book i got from the library to spin consistent singles. i used the 13.5 ratio to spin the singles, and the 19 to ply.

these two skeins should be more than enough to knit the pink sonata convertible mittens from fall 2008 vogue knitting. (second row, third pic on the right)

i kind of want to throw out all the handspun i've made up to this point. the other ounce of the navy was spun on the babe pre-rose, but it in no way matches the new yarn so i'm not sure what to do with it.

at any rate, i'm definitely learning that nicer tools make for a much nicer product. i couldn't be happier with my purchase. i can't wait til these yarns are dry so i can knit them up, and i've already started a new spinning project.


  1. Wow they're gorgeous and sooo even!

  2. Wow! Those are amazing!!!

    Ha ha, and I used to drive a '91 Ford Tempo--so I can sort of identify! (Although I do love my wheel so...)

  3. That's lovely! Squishy and floofy, It's calling out to be knit up together. Oh, and your spinning is wonderful. You definitely have gotten the hang of it.



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