Tuesday, December 16, 2008

more yarn.

i spun up the second half of my cmf superwash merino roving in Under the Boardwalk.
Under the Boardwalk 2ply
Left: 2ply 384yds / 3.7oz 13 wpi, dk weight
Right: 2ply 129yds / 1oz 12 wpi, light worsted weight

i spun this yarn as a sport weight, 14 wpi, but i fulled it during finishing, which made it poof up considerably. i could say bloom, but poof seems much more accurate. the yarn is positively poofy. the smaller skein is the leftovers that wouldn't fit on the ww bobbin (apparently i can't fit 4oz of fiber on one bobbin) plus the leftover singles from my 3ply, spun on the babe. this skein is more uneven and thicker than the first, so i'm not sure i should use them together.
Under the Boardwalk 2ply
red is louet gems fingering for scale. this yarn is destined to be socks for somebody. i'm thinking plain ol' stockinette. i found it interesting that the 2ply is significantly darker than the 3ply. i probably should've photographed them together, but oh well.

i like cmf roving, and i plan to eventually spin the other colorway as all one weight to be used in one project, but i'm glad to be taking a break to spin something else. my yarn bins are filling up quickly now--maybe i should make a concerted effort to knit more too.


  1. Ha ha! Yeah that's my only gripe about spinning--it produces more yarn! But in a good way I guess!
    I do like that and you're right, I think just a plain stockinette would showcase it best.

  2. Lovely! I just ordered 10 lbs. (yes, 10 lbs.) of roving - I cannot remember right now what the mixture of wools it is, but Whoop! And as a total treat to me, I also purchased 1/3 lb. of cashmere. All of it is undyed, but that is okay with me. I have dyes and I know how to use them! I purchased it from RH Lindsay Wool if you are interested. If you do not object to dying your own, it is much less expensive than indie wool peers and dyers - yes, how technical am I? :-)

  3. I left you a message in your ravelry message box with a question about your Rose. I'm getting one too!



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