Monday, December 22, 2008

catching up

hats, get yer hats!
Foliage from knitty
Foliage from knitty, 2 skeins of kathmandu aran, knit on #7 circs. this one is for a coworker. upon blocking, the hat grew, but i'm hoping it'll be received as comfortably slouchy.
Ganomy hat
Ganomy hat from Knitter's Almanac. 1 skein of my 2ply bulky yearling cross handspun. #9 circs. i cast-on fewer stitches for the gauge difference and knit the crown decreases more frequently. i decided not to gift this one as it's pretty plain. i tried adding a pompom and then a tassel, but both looked idiotic, so plain it remains.
Yankee Swap hat
pattern is Sarah's Cabled Hat (free on ravelry--i'm too lazy to link today), one skein of kathmandu aran, #8 circs. this was for a yankee swap.
spicy's xmas socks. Whitby from Knitting on the Road. 2 skeins of glimmer glass alpaca, #2 needles. i knit both at once, toe-up with short-row heels for a man's 7.5 foot. they fit him perfectly and are so deliciously soft. i'm jealous of his socks and i might be knitting myself a pair of footies with the leftovers.

spicy gave me a pair of weatherproof hiking shoes for xmas. i had grandiose plans to take pics in the snow, but it hasn't stopped snowing for days and the novelty of the outdoors has worn off. weather permitting, we are going hiking for xmas so maybe i'll take pictures then.

i'm still behind--there's been more spinning and last minute projects and i already have one more FO that needs pictures. i also received my bonus gift card from the faculty that the staff receive every year at work. they give us a fair sum of money and i try to use it for practical things like groceries, but no one will take the cards. i got a loud, "DENIED!" at wegmans on saturday and it was rather embarrassing. i'm not trying to look a gift card in the mouth and maybe it is tacky, but i would much rather receive cash than an american express that is accepted almost nowhere. anyway, since practical things evidently aren't allowed, i might have had a few crafty things fall into my virtual shopping cart. happy holidays to meeeeee.


  1. Yeah, the limitations on gift cards really annoy me. They would be the perfect thing to give someone who's taste you don't know. We give a combination of gift cards for a mall and bonus checks to employees.
    I say load up on the craft stuff like you plan, you definitely will use it.
    The hats are beautiful as usual, especially the cable. The socks are perfect.

  2. Fab hats! I dig those Whitbys, too! Hmmm... is that pattern in my queue? *runs to spreadsheet*

  3. Those gift cards are annoying...finally figured out that we could deposit them in the bank. No more embarrassing moments at checkout or the cashier looking at you like you're trying to pull a fast one (my DH gets the paper ones that look like a kid designed them).

    Great hats. Even if the snow is out of control, you do have the lovely boots to keep you toasty.

  4. Love the warm wooly hats! (and I think you made the right choice on
    Ganomy - plain and simple is perfect for that one!)
    I like the manly Whitbys too - one of my all time favorite patterns!

  5. Those hats... the first two are my absolute favorites -- Foliage looks so different, I didn't recognize the pattern -- but I love it! And the one below that looks like it'll keep the ears warm. I wish more hats did that, my ears always hurt in the cold.

    Happy Holidays to you!



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