Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008: Another Year Gone

2008 is officially the year that I gave up trying to obsessively track everything that I craft. Since I've returned to blogging, I try to only hit the highlights. This somewhat throws off my year-end statistics, but grant me the liberty of slight inaccuracy.

In 2008, I've completed at least 55 knit and 1 crochet projects.

16 hats
13 pullovers/cardis/vests/tanks
11 pairs of mittens/fingerless mitts
6 pairs of socks
3 scarves/cowls
2 shawls
2 blankets
1 dress
1 cat vest
Prep School Cat

Recap of 2007 Goals:
1) i'd like to use more of what i have.
i think i did pretty well on this one. prior to rhinebeck, i was down to only 2 sweaters worth of yarn and i had pretty much depleted the sock stash. post rhinebeck and xmas me-shopping, the stash has expanded again. i am ok with this--i like having a variety so i can shop the stash when inspiration or need strikes. i know i'll use the yarn eventually.

2) in general, i want to move toward freeing myself from patterns.
i took the plunge into writing my own patterns this year. i have so many ideas but there never seems to be enough time. i'm looking forward to making more time to design in 2009.

3) i want to knit spicy a sweater.
Spicy's Cardigan

4) knitting the military cardigan.
i think it's a gorgeous pattern, but i'm not so sure that it would suit me. i've knit several sweaters this year that are in constant rotation, but my sweater pride of 2008 is reserved for Little Birds.
Little Birds cardigan

5) dammit i am going to knit a pair of gloves. there, i said it.
Tweed Gloves
well, i knit a bit more than 1 glove. I believe I started these back in June. I have no idea why I never finished them. These tweed gloves were a design idea that i never finished.

6) more quilts in 2008.
A Flock of Triangles
i finished 1 quilt that i love so much that it stays on my bed even though it's too small. i have made peace with the fact that i'll never be a speedy quilter. even if i only finish 1 quilt a year, that's still a lot of quilts in my future.

7) i want to make more of my clothes.
i sewed less this year but i did make a few pairs of pants, some skirts, and my first button-down shirt. I also learned to appreciate knits thanks to Sew U Home Stretch and my serger.

8) i'm hoping to keep the fiber stash contained and nearly non-existent.
well i was doing great on this one until the fall fiber festivals. at the rate I am spinning, I will be out of fiber again before I know it.

In 2009:
2ply handspun alpaca
1) i'm going to spin spin spin! i've just begun to spin on the rose, and i don't feel like my skills are there yet but i am truly enjoying the learning process. i love the washing and the carding and the spinning and the dyeing and the knitting. I'm hoping to go through the whole process to knit a sweater from Buster, my romney fleece.

TurmericStormy Weather
2) More dyeing. i have discovered that i love dyeing my own yarn. I've been experimenting with both natural and acid dyes. The one on the left is dyed with turmeric, and the one on the right is dyed with acid dyes. both are knitpicks bare, tweed and regular, respectively.

3) i will make a pair of gloves. seriously, fer reals y'all. before the decade is over, it'll happen.

Coin Toss
4) i want to knit more socks. it seems impossible that i only knit 6 pairs this year. most of my 2008 socks were gift pairs, so i want more 2009 Me socks. FYI: the orange pair is my newest design that is in the test knitting stage.

5) spicy deserves more handknits. he's the most knitworthy person i have ever met. allow me one gush--he loves his alpaca socks so much that he won't walk in them. he only wears them when he's settling down for a time so that there's no snagging potential. i sense some cashmere socks in his future.

have a happy new year and may your craftiness blossom in 2009!


  1. the cat vest is the headline pick, but I think the little birds is the masterpiece of the year.

    Happy New Year! to the K.G. and S

  2. That cat vest kills me, just kills me! You did a great job with your goals for the year! Looking forward to seeing your dyeing, those flecky bits in the turmeric yarn are fab!

    Have a Happy New Year!

  3. All your work is great! I cannot believe how much you have knitted/crafted!

    I love your little birds cardi as well!

  4. I don't know what tickles me more, the cat vest or Spicy tiptoeing around in his good alpaca socks!

    Happy New Year!

  5. I would say that is a pretty darn good year! So many beautiful projects...but the Little Birds definitely takes the cake.
    Happy New Year!

  6. Little birds is very impressive, but it's all great. Happy new year!

  7. You did really well! And... the cat didn't kill you. That's an achievement all in itself.

    Happy New Year!

  8. That was quite a year! (your upcoming sock design looks beautiful!)



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