Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Crown Mountain Farms Superwash Merino
a basket of 3 bobbins, waiting to be plied. this is 4.3 oz of crown mountain farms superwash merino in under the boardwalk. i've only spun one other 3ply yarn that i can recall, so i'm overdue. i worked really hard to slightly underspin the singles, so i'm sure there will be much cursing when they drift apart during plying. the singles really wanted to poof up while i was spinning so i'm curious to see how thick the finished yarn will be. i'm aiming for a tightly plied sportweight sock yarn.

i made a deal with myself that if i work on xmas presents i can also work on a sweater for me at the same time. no, not the cph. i have one sleeve to go and the edging and i just don't feel like looking at it right at the moment.

no i cast-on for ingenue just b/c i wanted to see how my kettle dyed yarn knits up. i was lazy and knit the underside of the collar in stockinette. i plan to attach it as i knit instead of sewing it down afterwards.
Ingenue in progress
i lined up all my skeins from lightest to darkest and plan to knit in that progression. hopefully it'll look ok. i'm knitting the 33" size on #8 knitpicks options.



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