Friday, November 07, 2008

pretty yarn pictures

spicy's 30th birthday is today. he's not really a celebratory kind of guy though. i probably won't even see him tonight. i did finish his gift in time, but just barely. more details on that project to come.

today i will settle for pretty yarn pictures.
Brown Sheep Naturespun Worsted
~900 yds of brown sheep naturespun worsted. i frogged a project that wasn't working and kettle dyed the yarn with jacquard acid dyes. i love kettle dyeing for the semi-solid nature of the colors and how easy it is. there's enough color variation that i should probably alternate skeins when i knit it. emphasis on "should."
Brown Sheep Naturespun Worsted
i'm calling it, "Avocado." i'm planning to use it for Ingenue from Custom Knits. right after i finish a bunch of xmas presents and my long disregarded CPH.


  1. The yellowish parts look like avocado to me, (and I peel one nearly every single day.) It is a beauty of a green. I love the 'almost solids' that Lorna's dyes. They knit up pleasingly even if you 'forget' to alternate.
    Thanks for explaining to me about the dyed rovings. I may try to spin someday, but I want a live body at a shop or a fiber festival to show me how. A try it before I buy it sort of thing.

    Happy Birthday to the old man! Although, I remember turning 30 and it was not a big deal. I loved my thirties. He and you will too.

  2. Ooooo, love that green! That will make a gorgeous Ingenue! I've been contemplating that pattern lately, but sans the big funnel neck thing. More like a boatneck.

  3. That is a nice shade of green! Happy Birthday Spicy!



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