Tuesday, November 18, 2008

i'm not ready for snow but it's here anyway

at least one good thing about the winter season is the proliferation of warm things to knit. i am very impressed with the interweave knits preview, knotions, and twist collective.

i haven't bought ik since my subscription ran out. fall didn't call to me, and i thought the holiday issue was sub-par, so i'm happy to see a few things in winter that i liked. i'm still on the fence about picking it up until i see the galleries and can actually flip through the mag in person, but so far i'm intrigued by the hats, the man's pullover, and some of the cardigans.

i liked several of the accessories in knotions. i already put isotope on my xmas gift list, but i liked a few others, including the hanging vines socks and the magic mirror mittens. the print format for knotions really bugs me b/c the font is very small and i don't like printing the pattern and charts separately, but that's a minor gripe.

i think that twist collective definitely had the best offering. i liked most of the patterns, but my favorites are the postwar mittens, broderie, vivian, and dietrich. i'm not sure i'll get to any of them soon, though i was thinking about knitting dietrich for my mom.

i've been slacking on the gift knitting. as soon as i finish ingenue it's back to work. i think my next project will be spicy's luxury alpaca socks. he bought me 2 skeins of alpaca at rhinebeck specifically to make him some cozy around the house alpaca socks. i'm still not sold on the idea of pure alpaca for socks, but i'm planning a simple rib and cable pattern and i will cross my fingers that they won't stretch too much.

Ingenue in progress
speaking of ingenue i'll probably finish it tonight. i have one more ridge stitch repeat to work on the first sleeve and then all i have left is sleeve #2. i added more length to the body and shortened the sleeves to 3/4 length. that one little dark green stripe bugs me, but i can live with it. i think the other side has more pooling so it's less noticeable, and i'll probably wear it as the front. ahh, the joys of knitting raglans.
Under the Boardwalk 3ply
this is 254yds/3.6oz of crown mountain farms superwash merino in under the boardwalk as a dk weight 3ply. the finished yarn is very soft and springy. i'll probably make it a pair of socks with contrasting heels and toes. i have half the fiber left but i want to spin it differently than the first batch, maybe as a navajo-ply.

i dyed some romney and alpaca locks yellow and brown. i'm not sure if this was too successful. the dye didn't stick to the alpaca very well plus it was a matted mess when i took it out of the lingerie bags. i bought a dog comb to sub as a flick carder, so hopefully i can get some useable fiber out of my experiment. i'm planning to card the two together. i dyed about 1.5 lbs.


  1. I'm into Vivian and the Ohm eye pillow. I need to give winter08 IK a second look. All that caught my eye was the Murano scarf The holiday issue of IK I put down after reading and said, "Well, that was a waste of money." :)
    You can think of that green stripe as the chaos of nature. I have streaks like that in the granite I bought for the kitchen. They land in the most inopportune places, but I've gotten used to them.
    So that is the spin from the roving I asked you about? It turned out great. I never would have guessed that roving would make such a yarn.

  2. That roving turned into that yarn? Cool! Not being a spinner, I find this process to be akin to sorcery. The resulting yarn is beautiful.

    I'm going to make Vivian as soon as I finish Ingenue. It reminds me of all of the things that I thought I'd like about the IK Nantucket Jacket, but it looks like it'll turn out better.

  3. I love the fiber you spun. Very nice! :)

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. I noticed how much you knit on the green sweater in 4 days! Wow. It is beautiful. I love the lace details at the hem, neckline, and cuffs. It's a beautiful color and I think you've made a wise decision to just wear the side with the "stripe" in the back. It's not terrible, but if it were on the front it'd be like a green lightning bolt across regions you may not wish to have a lightning bolt crossing!



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