Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Rhinebeck 2008: The Fiber

Rhinebeck 2008: Fiber
1st Row:
1.5 lbs undyed BFL from Mountain View/Sheep Shed
1 lb alpaca from Mountain View/Sheep Shed
4oz merino/alpaca/tussah silk from Mountain View/Sheep Shed

2nd Row:
2oz Tussah Silk from Mountain View/Sheep Shed
4oz black merino from Delly's Delights, gift from Spicy
~5oz pink merino from Delly's Delights, gift from Spicy

3rd Row:
5.2 lbs white romney fleece, gift from spicy. left is unwashed, right is washed

yeah. so i didn't intend to buy a fleece. we wandered into the fleece tent late on saturday just to see what was there and somehow spicy talked me into taking one home with me. he almost talked me into two, but i reasoned that i should start with one to make sure i don't hate fleece washing.

i've washed about 1.5 lbs so far. it isn't difficult exactly, but i wish i had more room to wash a larger portion at once. last night i carded and spun a 1.2 oz skein of singles just to get a feel for it. the romney is very easy to spin and has a nice luster. it feels similar to lamb's pride. it's definitely not next to the skin soft, but i think it will be good for outerwear. my fleece didn't come with a name, so i decided to call him "Buster."

at the festival i tried out a schacht matchless single treadle. i hated it. i'm guessing that i just hate the single treadle but now the experience and the matchless are forever linked in my brain, so i'm crossing schacht off my list of potentials.

it occurred to me after i returned home that i really only bought from 2 places: Delly's Delights and Mountain View/Sheep Shed. this wasn't intentional. i think spicy and i went to each place at least twice and had forgotten that we'd already bought from them. at any rate i'm not disappointed at all and can see myself going back to buy from them again in future years.

the trip was really great, but it already feels like a million years ago. we gained a lot of knowledge talking to the farmers. i think that was probably spicy's favorite part, as we hope to own a hobby farm ourselves one day. after gazing at other people's handknit sweaters for an entire weekend, spicy said he wouldn't mind owning a sweater with cables as long as it isn't too much. i think the 6 hour drive was worth it just for that.


  1. great haul! I want to see how that alpaca spins up--looks so nice (not that the other stuff doesn't, too, of course!) Your man is the best... I can't believe he talked you into buying a fleece. Did you see the article about washing fleeces in the latest Spin-Off?

  2. Amazing stuff! And an agreement on cables to boot! Impressive. :)
    I think you'd be well suited to a small farm, similar to the Teleknitter microfarm situation. Your energy level/work ethic can definitely handle it.

  3. Love the fiber and the yarn you purchased. I think it would be great for you to be a fiber farmer. I'm a chicken farmer you know ;p



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