Thursday, October 16, 2008

My CPH sprouted an arm!

Central Park Hoodie
"Arm"ed (heh, heh) with Barbara Walker's Knitting from the Top, i waded through the prosy-prose and used her method to knit a sleeve in the round with short-row cap sleeve shaping. i'm really happy with the results and i think i should knit all set-in sleeves this way. i ended up with 68 stitches for the sleeve and i'm decreasing according to the knitscene pattern directions. the sleeve isn't too snug but not bulky either.

i am just past the elbow and have 2 more skeins of yarn left. which means that i am back to being worried about running out of yarn. i have a new plan though, which if i am able to execute will enable this hoodie to be my most awesomeist sweater yet. stay tuned.

Felicity hat
i used my Daffodil handspun to knit a Felicity hat from knitology.

i used almost the entire skein and #5 and #7 denise circs. i CO only 60 stitches but otherwise knit as written. the handspun was too heavy for the gauge which resulted in a stiff and very dense hat. however, this "feature" makes it perfect for the winter weather here. the merino handspun is soft and warm, and wards off the forehead itchies. i think that this pattern is a great match for handspun and i am already planning a second as a gift, though i think i will line it with fleece as my other handspun isn't nearly as soft.

i love the hat, but i won't lie--i look like a total toolbag wearing it. i generally look stupid in hats, which is why i let Wiggy model for me most of the time. but as i've aged, my vanity has lessened and practicality takes over. i'm planning to wear this hat often, perhaps this weekend at rhinebeck, even though i look like a dumbass.

the weather right now looks like it'll be in the 50s during the day. i'm hoping for the 40s so i can wear handknit accessories. i also just got an obscene amount of cash from the ATM machine and i wish i had a photo of myself surround by 20 dolla billz, y'all. maybe wearing some bling, like a giant bejeweled cross. but mostly i hope that i don't get robbed on the way home.

also, i have decided to vote for Nader in the election. that is all.


  1. Both projects look great! I know so many people who are voting third party this time around, I hope the effing message will be heard loud and clear!

  2. It is going to be another KG Master Knitter Sweater (tm). I like that hat.
    I'm not inclined to vote for anyone in the POTUS race. I'm disgusted with the whole thing. I am going to vote on the local races. There are some real ding bats running that I must attempt to stop. Hah!



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