Tuesday, October 21, 2008

i went to rhinebeck and all i took were these lousy camping photos

i forgot i had my camera with me, so the only pictures of the trip that i took were on monday at our campsite. the foliage was truly gorgeous, and spicy loves to pose with logs, so it wasn't a total loss.
Rhinebeck 2008

Rhinebeck was a blast. it was more crowded than i would have liked but i didn't have to throw any elbows. i did count at least 3 wagons and numerous obnoxiously-sized strollers, but nothing that i would consider excessive. we learned that knitters love their honda elements. spicy had trouble finding his car in the parking lot because there were so many car twins. we even wandered over to this guy's element that was identical to spicy's and almost tried to get in until we realized that there was a man already in the car and he was staring at us like we were nuts.

I was surprised by Kate Gilbert and Irene from Twist Collective when they pounced on me to give me a twist tape measure. Kate said that my Little Birds was the first she had ever seen in person and that it was beautiful, so my pride-o-meter was up that day. i didn't see anyone else wearing Little Birds, though I saw several Wisterias (including Kate's gorgeous one), one February Lady Sweater, a kauni venezia, lots of CPHs, and more tangled yoke sweaters than i could shake a stick at.

On sunday, spicy and i went to indian buffet and i spotted Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. spicy actually pointed her out to me. he was standing by her table while at the buffet and he overheard someone say that "you've changed since you got famous." he asked me if anyone at that table was famous and i recognized the yarn harlot. i then explained to spicy how she is like the Britney Spears of knitting, except for all the hair shaving and craziness. ok, so the comparison wasn't that apt--it was the first thing that came to mind.

we had a great time mulling amongst the animals and sampling wines and cheeses. we eventually bought a bottle of red, but i can't recall what it was (must've been good). camping was pretty fun too though there were a lot of people on saturday night. sunday night it was deserted, and so was much better even though we had to listen to the red sox game. sipping belgian beer and staring at the fire isn't a bad way to pass an evening.

i had so much fun and both of my cats are still alive, so i'm calling the trip a success. oh yeah, and i bought a few things.


  1. Those fall leaves photos make me want to dive right in! So cute, the log guy. :)
    "you've changed since you got famous." big guffaw!
    Yeah, she's more like the JK Rowling of knitting IMHO. I don't know if there is any shaving going on though.;)

  2. Beautiful photos. It sounds like a really nice time. I have camping envy, as I haven't truly been camping in years even though I love it.

  3. Love the fall photos! Spicy looks very manly holding that log! (Out of context, that would sound very pervy.)



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