Wednesday, October 01, 2008

i got nuthin'

i finished some merino 2ply last night but no pictures yet. i've also been spinning the purple bamboo i bought. i have to say i don't really like spinning bamboo much. it makes a shiny smooth yarn, but the fiber feels plastic-y. it's sort of gritty feeling and not very pleasant to spin.

i have to say that if i hear "corporate fat cats" or "wall-street/main street" one more time, my head will explode. i guess this is what i get for watching so much news hour with jim lehrer, but seriously.

it occurred to me that i haven't been paying enough attention to local elections when my entire voting plan so far has been based on the campaign commercials i've seen. from that, i've concluded that beating up schoolchildren is part of the republican party platform and that we musn't rely on the failed liberal policies of the past.

i'm very much looking forward to the palin/biden debate. i'm getting my incredulous "oh no s/he didn't!" face ready. bring on the gaffes.

i want to move onto new projects, but i'm still working on my lace stole design. one of these days i will knit one sample only for my patterns.

i'm trying to make a list for rhinebeck, but it keeps getting longer. plus i know it'll be thrown out the window when i get there and i will buy what i'm drawn to regardless of plan. spicy plans to search for luxury spinning fiber for me to spin and knit him a pair of warm thick socks. i hope he finds entertainment outside of just watching me go nuts.

oh yeah, more evidence that confirms my belief that people are idiots:

so i'm at wegmans in line to buy my groceries and the woman and her husband ahead of me are taking their own sweet time. the lady keeps staring alternately at me and then at my food on the conveyer belt--enough times to make me uncomfortable. finally she leans towards me and says, "what are you going to make with those?" she was pointing to a package of tortillas. i said, "the tortillas? i'm making quesadillas." she asked, "what do you put in those?" so i explained that i was going to put chicken, cheese, and jalapenos in mine. she asked me if it was like mexican food and really spicy. she then indicated that her stomach does not tolerate spicy foods. she also felt it necessary to point out that her husband is vegan. i thought about explaining that since tortillas are basically flour and water, she could control the level of spiciness by adding/subtracting whatever foods she wanted, but decided it wasn't worth the trouble. so i just gave her a sympathetic, "oh it's too bad that you can't eat the tortillas for their abundance of unvegan spiciness" nod.

spicy and i discussed as we left wegmans what planet that woman was from. i missed out on this part, but evidently she and her husband spent $200 on groceries and her husband shot a nasty look at the cashier when told that nothing he bought was on sale. they also bought a ton of kashi frozen pizzas. homemade pizza is not that hard to make. not even vegan pizza. of course, if you don't know what tortillas are, maybe it's harder for you.


  1. LOL! Very funny how she couldn't understand out that when you cook something, you actually get to pick what goes in it. Guess that what happens when you go on the Kashi Frozen Pizza diet.

  2. Hey! glad you are back blogging again. I just realized you were back! Sweet!



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