Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Everyone else was doing it

i like hoodies and i've been wanting to put my brain on auto-pilot for awhile, so i cast on for the Central Park Hoodie.
Central Park Hoodie back
i am using #6 and #8 denise circs and 5 skeins of berroco ultra alpaca. i am a little short of the required yarn amount for the 32", but i think/hope i'll be ok, b/c i have abnormally short arms.
Central Park Hoodie fronts
i started on sunday and have finished the back. i used short-row shaping for the shoulders. i am also working both fronts at once and will do the same for the sleeves.

i haven't decided yet on closures for the hoodie. it'll be dependent on how much yarn i have left. i have a whole mental system for "if i run out of yarn, i can do this," in place. i'll be keeping my fingers crossed.


  1. That is such a smart way to knit two pieces at once. Perhaps it should have been obvious to me, but I always imagined having the two pieces on separate needles! Thanks for sharing.

  2. mmmm...Ultra Alpaca is teh yum.

  3. Eee! CPH! It's such a great pattern - and lookit how far along you are already!

  4. oooh central park hoodie...i have the yarn for it, but haven't had time to get to it yet...is it very hard?



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