Friday, October 03, 2008

the debate, gosh darnit

i'm relieved that biden didn't make an ass of himself. there was no "palin is clean, articulate, and good-looking" and no leering in that toothy, creepy way of his. he also restrained himself on the exaggerating (lying), which means that he still went a bit far at times, but less so than usual.

palin was pretty much what i expected. i thought she went pretty heavy on the "gosh-golly gee whillakers," which i personally find insulting. it irks me even more that folksy colloquialisms actually work on many people. i don't understand when we decided that we want our leaders to be "just like us." i don't want my president/vp to be just like me. i want my leaders to be more intelligent than me and well versed on the issues, with actual ideas and well thought out plans, not vague platitudes. i'm starting to think that i am qualified to be vice-president, if only i were a little older. stick me in three-inch heels, i have excellent rote memorization skills. i read all the papers too.


anyway, here's some more handspun.
Daffodil merino handspun from Cloverleaf Farms
4 oz merino from Cloverleaf Farms. 2 ply, 159 yards. spun longdraw from the fold and plied tightly, then fulled during finishing. my longdraw technique still sucks, so it's more uneven than i would like. i really prefer working with carded prep, but i didn't want to blend the already blended colors further.

it's very dense and heavy but bouncy. i'm thinking boot socks.


  1. I think the colors look great! I'm sure the "uneveness" will work itself out with more practice.

  2. I had the exact same conversation about Palin with my coworkers today, especially about the fact that we would like someone in the office who is smarter than we are. And I made me the comment that I could be VP too. Heh

  3. The yarn is lovely! At least you have a longdraw technique. Mine is nonexistent. :)



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