Thursday, October 30, 2008

Clearing off the bobbins

i got to the point where i had 5 of 6 bobbins with yarn on them, so i decided to finish them off.

this one was quite easy to finish.
Whole Nine Yards
back when my fiber stash had dwindled to practically nothing, i decided to card and spin the remainders into a tweedy blend. i then ran out of energy to finish the project, so i wound off the singles, and ta-da! The Whole Nine Yards.

this yarn contains brown llama, white llama, wilton's dyed blue/green llama, blue silk hankie, undyed cotton bolls, black/grey sheep shed mill ends, red sheep shed mill ends with white mohair, and may have traces of peanut oil. ok, i was just joking on that last one. it's a fingering weight singles, 207 yds/1.2oz, hand-carded and spun short forward draw.

Fawn Alpaca 2ply
2ply raw huacaya fawn alpaca, purchased at the finger lakes fiber festival 2008. hand carded and spun longdraw. 241 yds/3.1oz total of sportweight yarn. relatively uneven b/c my longdraw still stinks. the finished yarn feels very soft, and has a nice color variation. apparently the darker brown parts weren't just dirt after all.

Suri Alpaca
Suri Alpaca, top purchased at the Finger Lakes Fiber Festival 2007. 237yds/2.6oz of navajo plied yarn, spun from the fold short-forward draw. the first thing that is noticeable about this yarn is how heavy it is, especially compared to the huacaya alpaca. it's very shiny in appearance, but a little hard b/c it's overspun. i have about the same amount of fiber left and i think next time i will card it first. it doesn't feel as soft as the huacaya, even though the top itself is softer.

Buster Sample
60 yds/1.2 oz of "Buster," my scoured romney fleece. i hand carded and spun low-twist singles longdraw. it's a thick n thin chunky weight. it's surprisingly quite reasonably soft, and will be great as a warm cardigan or jacket. it's not quite soft enough for a scarf. i ended up with 3 pounds of scoured fleece and 14 oz of cold washed fleece with the lanolin left in.

i finished all the yarns the same way, since they were all washed at the same time. i dumped them into hot sink water and fulled away with an extra plunger. then i dunked them into ice water and back to hot. the romney fulled very nicely, the huacaya and blended singles less so, and the suri not at all.

now i only have one thing left on the bobbin. i'm getting there.

i also ordered Custom Knits and Inspired to Knit from the knitpicks book sale. i like quite a few of the sweaters in both books, though i still don't understand why custom knits took so many classic-looking sweaters and put them on women who are pants-challenged. was the photoshoot a no-pants zone?

i had serious thoughts of spinning my romney to make the winter wonderland coat [rav link], but i'm sure i'd have to make serious height adjustments and i'm not sure that i'm cool enough to pull off a jacket like that. it's a gorgeous coat though.


  1. I keep forgetting to check Knitpics book sales. Best values on fiber books around.
    I admire your spin, but I don't really know what it takes to create it, so I just sit and ooh and aah. :-)

  2. Did you notice all the pool boys in the background of the Custom Knits photos? They cracked us up when that book came through the office.

  3. I don't spin so I don't know what the details mean, but those skeins of yarn look very lovely.

  4. LOL, I too noticed the distinct lack-o-pants in the Custom Knits pics! One could say they were trying to draw more attention to the knits. Or give the non-knitting men in our lives a reason to develop a sudden interest in knitting...

  5. Nice looking yarn and that coat is gorgeous! :)



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