Monday, September 29, 2008

a very liesl monday

i sewed on the buttons this morning, so liesl is officially done.
i used my handspun merino and #11 knitpicks options. i do not like the options needles in larger sizes. heavy and too sharp at the tips. i poked myself a few times, and i do not recommend it.
i knit at a slightly larger gauge and the smallest size to get a 32" chest. i used almost all of the yarn. i love how warm and soft it is and i think this one will get a lot of wear. i'm already considering knitting the pattern again.
2-ply yearling cross handspun
i finished more handspun this weekend. 2ply yearling cross, 4oz, 197 yds. i carded then spun long-draw for a squooshy heavy worsted yarn. i am thinking about using it for the yellow harvest mittens from vogue knitting fall 2008.
lace stole in progress
finally, i'm working on the second version of my lace pattern. this one is a stole knit in madil kid seta. the color and texture are very hard to photograph on limited time, so i apologize for the craptastic photo. i'm almost half-done.

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  1. Liesl is adorable--I think you should make another!--and the new handspun looks really squishy and wonderful!

  2. WOW - and in your own handspun! Beautiful sweater!

  3. Liesl looks lovely on you! Beautifully done!

  4. So much gorgeousness in one post! Liesl is lovely. :)



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