Thursday, September 25, 2008

uninspired title day

lace scarf
i blocked my scarf and have sent the pattern to be test-knit. i still need to knit another version, but i might wait til i finish liesl.
Liesl progress
hopefully i can finish it tonight. i am ready to knit the second sleeve and will knit the body until i run out of yarn.

busy day today. gotta run.


  1. Your scarf is beautiful - very pretty pattern!
    and that kitty in the cute little fishy vest down there is too much. I can't believe you got it on him without getting scratched!

  2. Love the green scarf. Wow, you spun that yarn! That's very cool. (Also love the cat in the sweater vest.)

  3. It's purty. You do have the chops to go into designing knits. I'm glad you've decided to do it.



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