Monday, September 08, 2008

a little of this, a little of that

i've been keeping busy of sorts. lately i have been attempting to spin up my fiber stash, preparing for Rhinebeck, but things are unfinished or drying so no pics today. i've had some hand pain, so i can't knit for very long without resting.
Ocean Toes Socks
i haven't worked on these in awhile, but here are my Ocean Toes socks, from New Pathways. This pattern is one of the most well-designed patterns i've ever encountered. it is a joy to knit. my navajo plied brown sheep mill ends handspun isn't very soft, but it's extremely bouncy. i have seen on ravelry that some have fitting issues with this pattern, but my yarn is so stretchy that the finished sock fits like a glove. i only wish i'd have picked a solid and lighter yarn to show off the pattern more.
Cupcake pouch with wrist strapPouch lining
yesterday during the football games (Buffalo actually won???) i sewed up a zippered pouch with wrist strap. i can't find the tutorial i used online, but it's kind of your standard lined zippered pouch. i used the fat quarter of robert kaufman cupcake fabric that i bought awhile back and some polka dot remnant i bought from joanns. the pouch is about 8" wide by 5.5" tall. i probably should've made the wrist strap wider and longer, but it fits over my wrist ok. i also meant to add a zippered pocket to the inside to hold change, but i forgot. i wanted one of these to carry my money when i go the market, but the one i currently haven't doesn't have a strap and i'm always losing it. if i were to do it again, i'd also interface the outer fabric to give it stability.
i have been wanting a market bag that i can carry like a backpack. Traeth from the inside loop looks like a good choice. i like the pattern, but the only problem is that i'm about to run out of yarn. i'll have to work some creative magic to finish.

the fabric underneath is 2 yards of free spirit fabric that i bought from a local quilt shop. i was originally going to make a circle skirt of sorts, but since the wrong season is approaching, i had the thought to make a crazy patterned button down blouse. i'm not certain whether it would look awesome or like grandma's Hawaiian curtains exploded on my front. i will continue to ponder.

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  1. Cute pouches! I'm very discouraged by my sewing lack-o-skills, which became evident when I hemmed a few skirts and pairs of pants. I think I need to start with the placemats in Simple Sewing to figure out what I'm doing! (And practice, you know, sewing in a straight line. :P)



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