Sunday, September 21, 2008

the haul

Spicy and I had a great time at the Finger Lakes Fiber Festival yesterday. i bought enough fiber last year that took me a year to spin. Technically, longer b/c i am still spinning the suri alpaca, and i have one silk cap left. so what did i do this year? i bought a lot more stuff.
My Haul
Clockwise from the top left, i bought:
8oz undyed merino from winderwood farms
4oz yellow merino from cloverleaf farms
1oz satin angora from spunwoven designs
8oz raw alpaca fiber from longmeadow farm
4oz purple bamboo from cloverleaf farm
Spicy's Haul
Spicy bought me:
2oz camel
4oz yearling cross from stone edge fibers
2oz navy domestic wool top
5oz raw alpaca cria fleece
2oz olive domestic wool top

i'm especially impressed with the raw alpaca find. the half-pound bag i bought was $12, and spicy's bag of cria fleece was $9. there was a ton of alpaca at the festival, and i'm pretty sure we got the best deal. i was amazed it was so clean (it's unwashed) and both are so soft, but especially the cria. i can't wait to card and spin it.

I didn't buy any yarn, but there was nothing i was really drawn to. i also got to try spinning on a majacraft rose, which was really nice and so much quieter than the babe. spicy bought some raw honey too. all in all, a very good day.

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  1. Oooh! I'm so jealous-- 1) of your alpaca find and 2) that Spicy went with you and actually bought you fiber. the most I can hope for with my SO is that if he comes with me, he'll wait patiently without too much complaining...



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