Friday, August 22, 2008

Project Monogamy: Monotony

Little Birds body ribbing
Look, it's more ribbing. at this point, i am extremely relieved that i did the sleeves first. if i knit the body first, i don't know that i'd have had the willpower to drudge through even more ribbing for the sleeve cuffs.

i am up to 6.25" of body ribbing. i am *thisclose* to the last buttonhole row. oh so soon i will be able to start the colorwork again.

but not yet.

Today's Projects from Awhile Back That I Didn't Jot Down the Dates So It's Impossible to Tell When Exactly I Finished Them are 2 skeins of handspun.
Llama/Silk 3ply handspun
The first I think I spun sometime in July. It's 80 yds/50 gm of 3ply llama/silk. 2 of the plies are natural llama carded with silk threads that i pulled from fabric scraps. I recommend just buying recycled silk threads--doing it by hand was slow and a huge PITA. the other ply is wilton's dyed llama carded with the blue silk cap that i bought from the finger lakes fiber festival. the yarn is a light worsted weight. i have no plans for it right now.
Llama 2ply handspun
This one is 2ply llama handspun, 299 yds/4oz, spun sometime in August. it's a fingering weight. i carded it and then spun. i'm planning to use it for the druid mittens from Vogue Knitting Fall 2008. If I don't have enough yarn, i have 4 more ounces left that I can spin.

Spinning less than worsted weight on my babe spinning wheel is not easy. i am looking forward to trying out new wheels at rhinebeck so that i can make an informed purchase. i probably won't do a lot of spinning until i have better tools. it's just too much work and not much fun to spin on the babe.

happy weekend.


  1. I love your handspun; both skeins look soft and cuddly.

  2. Oooooh. Nice! Maybe a whole set of druid items. There's a "druid sweater" at the Twist Collective, called Wisteria. I'm very in love with it.

    Your yarn looks amazing. I just can't imagine how one spins enough consistent yarn to make anything! Mine would be all over the place.



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