Thursday, August 14, 2008

I guess I kinda sorta missed it.

well i went away for awhile, mostly b/c i got really tired of having to come up with interesting things to say. i think i've made peace with being boring--i can always babble at myself and be assured that at least i will half-listen.

plus i made some cool things that i wanted to shares-ies.
Graphic Granny Afghan
i finished my brother's afghan in time for his visit in august. his birthday was in april so i was a bit late, but he seemed to like it just the same. it turned out to be quite small, more of a lap covering than anything else, but i ran out of time and willpower to make it bigger.

Project Stats: it's the graphic granny afghan. i used an I hook and various shades of Caron Simply Soft, Vanna's Choice, and Bernat Satin I got from joanns. it seemed a bad idea to give my brother a non-machine washable afghan, but i did warn him not to melt any babies with the acrylic. he was kind enough to duly note the danger and accept it anyway. i joined the hexagons with slip stitches. if i did it again i think i'd whipstitch individual hexagons and slip stitch the rows together. but i probably won't do it again. i think i'm done with yarny blankets for a good long while.
A Flock of Triangles
i finally finished my flock of triangles quilt. i think it took me about a year. i did not have much luck piecing the triangles. i probably should've stuck to rectangular objects for my second quilt, but too little too late.

Project Stats: A Flock of Triangles from Denyse Schmidt Quilts. the quilt is 50" x 70", too small for the bed but i keep it on there anyway b/c it's purty and warm. i used scrap fabrics for the top and flannel for the back. b/c of my crap piecing ability, it's not very square and i had a hard time with the quilting and binding, but i love it, imperfections and all.

Finally I'll post my current project before i run out of blogging steam for the day. i fell in love with the Little Birds pattern from Twist Collective. i ordered yarn and purchased the pattern right away and i've been itching to cast on.
Little Birds Sleeve
i'm using knitpicks palette in fog for the MC and various leftover yarns for the CC. since most of my CC yarns are superwash, i'll reinforce the steek on my sewing machine before cutting it. right now i'm just getting started with a sleeve. i'm not officially participating in the Ravelympics (especially since i just cast-on yesterday) but i'm making this my personal challenge, to stretch my speed and knitting skills. i'm hoping that this will be the sweater i wear to rhinebeck. spicy and i are planning to go this year and i'm very excited.

so that's it for today. i've been gone awhile, but so far it doesn't suck to be back.


  1. Hey there, welcome back! All three projects look great! I especially love that quilt!

  2. Glad you are sharing your projects, missed seeing all your cool work. The quilt looks great (I like the backing, its a fun little surprise) and the colorwork is looking good.



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