Friday, August 15, 2008

Do Not Adjust Your Television Sets

This is indeed the same sleeve from yesterday.
Little Birds, Take Two
Do you ever get so excited about a project that you forge ahead while forgetting little details? Say, for example, that you CO for the sleeve as your gauge swatch and then neglect to actually measure your gauge? yeah i got to the armhole, tried it on, and then realized that the sweater was doing a darn good impression of a sausage casing. turns out that my gauge was 7.5st/1" instead of 7. whoops.

i ripped back to the cuff ribbing and started over on the colorwork on #4 knitpicks options. i took the opportunity to tweak the color scheme. i remembered that the sunshine yarns navy yarn bled like a mofo and stained the cream colored toes a dingy blue on spicy's socks, so i eliminated it. i should have enough CC without it, i hope. at any rate, i seem to be on the right track now.

Grey Skirt from Sew What Skirts
I used some grey wool blend fabric that i got from my mom and the straight fitted skirt guidelines from Sew What Skirts to make this long skirt. the pockets are based on a skirt I saw in Lucky Magazine. the back has a slit in the center seam up to my knees. i love long skirts but have never been able to buy them b/c i'm so short. i am looking forward to wearing this one throughout the fall/winter.

Today's Project I Finished Ages Ago is the Flutter Sleeve Cardigan from Spring IK 2008.
Flutter Sleeve Cardigan from Spring 08 IKFlutter Sleeve Cardigan from Spring 08 IK
i cut out 32 stitches from the pattern to make a smaller size. my waist ribbing ended up too tight (should've gone up a needle size) and the rest was still a bit too large (the cardi wants to fall off of my shoulders and drapes oddly in the back). still, this was the first ever knitted article that i actually enjoyed seaming. i have worn it semi-frequently this summer, but it's not my favorite FO ever.

Thanks to Ravelry, I can add some stats:
Started May 31, Finished June 7, 2008.
Needles: #3, #6, #7
Yarn: Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Caramel, 3 skeins
Bust Measurement: 34"


  1. Flutter sleeve looks great!

    You know, I'm not sure that a sleeve is a great gauge swatch for fair isle. You really need to wash the swatch and block it out before you make that decision.

  2. Ooo, LOVE that skirt! I too have issues trying to find long skirts that don't act as floor mops. :P



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