Thursday, May 01, 2008

wake me when it's summer

the lilacs are in full bloom, so i've been in allergy hell for about a month. i can't wait til all the fucking flowers die. i'm starting to think that i might actually be sick in addition to the allergies, b/c i feel particularly off today--like my eyes are slightly swelled shut or something.

it's hard to engage in crafty endeavors when you don't feel well. i have all these plans but i'm just too exhausted to do anything when i get home. i'm also involved in a sisyphean work situation, so after 8 hours of drudgery i really don't feel like doing anything else.

on the book front, i finished reading all of jane austen's novels in publication order and have moved onto re-reading the hitch hiker's guide to the galaxy "trilogy," except that i only manage a few pages at a time while i eat breakfast. i'd bring the book with me but i have all 5 books in one volume and it's too big to haul to work.

i finished the mitered square baby blanket and am using the leftovers to make a summertime tunic in stripes. last night i finally made it to the divide for back/front portion while watching season 5 of buffy the vampire slayer (where the hell did the sister come from?). i knit the entire back with the hem and everything and then realized that i knit the wrong number of stitches (i was knitting the second size but forgot and used the stitch count for the smallest size) so i had to rip it out. it wouldn't have been a big deal except for the stripes. now i have a multitude of tiny balls of cotton that i keep finding in random locations. i found a few more in my bed when i woke up this morning.

i wish i were the proud owner of a bed quilt that would be perfect for the warmer months. i've been looking for the simplest braindeadiest quilt pattern i can find. i'm pretty sure it's called buying a readymade quilt. maybe if my allergies ever lift i can summon the brainpower and energy to make one.

did i ever confess that i have another quilt in progress? (well--progress meaning it's been sitting in my closet 1/3 done for many months now) i've committed myself to only one quilt at a time, but it's a bunch of triangles and what a pain in the ass those are.

got my summer ik. i'm pretty meh, but i generally am about summer issues. did you notice that there's a new crop of favorite designers that keep getting used every issue? and i can't put my finger on the colors and styling since the past three issues have all been really different, but they are all color schemes that i hate. there you have it--i think eunny has really tapped into Colors that Knottygnome Loathes and is running with it. i know it is a silly gripe but it really effects the way i see the issue. my sub is up this time and i'm not resubscribing. i'm sure i'll still pick up occasional issues at wegmans, but i don't think it's worth the hassle to subscribe.

i wish that i were going to a sheepy festivus like the restofus but instead i will bury my head under the covers and come back out when the pollen count goes down.


  1. I asked the same question about the random sister popping up in Season 5. I do believe that something "supernatural" occurred to insert her into both Buffy's and the mom's memories so that they both remember a another daughter/sister. Keep watching and it will become clear who/what she is....if that wasn't a major hint. I think they (the show's producers) don't acknowledge her at first because her arrival isn't anything out of the ordinary to the people who "remember" her all along! God, I sound like a Buffy geek. I had a friend get me hooked, that's my excuse

  2. I loved the fifth season, probably the most dramatic of the WB years. It wraps up the series perfectly...which kind of blows because then the show goes on for two more years.

    "I can't wait til all the fucking flowers die." My new favorite statement. I'm allergic to the pollen from the mulberry tree outside of my old house. For one month out of every year, I'd dream of stalking toward it with a chainsaw in my hand. Ugh. Hate allergies.

    Can't wait to see the mitered square blanket.

  3. I can't wait for all the flowers to die either, especially the acacia flowers. Their pollen is as thick and nasty as corn meal. Everything is covered in it. The roses are all I really care about anyway, and they're done.
    The colors that KG hates. Pretty funny ;) I've never been too hot on IK and I get less so every month. I might take a look at the articles. Heh.
    Hoping you're better already.

  4. Linens 'n things had some very cool readymade quilts last time i was there, and they were also deeply discounted ($20 for a king size type discounted) they were pretty too!

  5. Feel the same way about the colours in IK, meh.

  6. Oh man, juice up on the allergy meds while you watch the rest of season 5. ;-) You'll need 'em!

    I'm with you with IK lately. I think I've bought one issue since Eunny took over.

  7. Feel better soon!

    I love flowers so, I take Zyrtec and it does wonders for my allergies :)


  8. Buffy on meds? Bet it's even tripper then! (I stopped watching before the sis showed up, but I remember seeing the commercials and wondering what was up with that.)

    Hope you feel better soon!

  9. I'm with you on the new IK. I liked the Apres Surf Hoodie, but there was mostly nothing in it that I would consider wearing.

    Ah well, maybe the Fall issue will kick butt. :)

  10. I agree about the colors that have been predominant in IK lately. It takes real effort to see past the color combos to the garments. Also, there's been a lot of stockinette heavy stuff. It may be flattering to wear, but it's boring to knit.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  11. Allergies are pretty bad right now. The stuff that kills me isn't out yet, but I can tell there's other stuff growing and it's gross.



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