Sunday, April 13, 2008

Saturday is a Day for Finishing, Part the Second

Spicy loves knitting and crochet magazines b/c he says that the models look like normal people. normal people in magazines make all knit and crochet items look awesome according to him. Spicy is making his best knitwear model pose.
Spicy's Cardigan
i sucked it up and finished Spicy's cardigan. I used the raglan sweater from Knitting from the Top to make a 44" men's zippered cardigan. it took 11 balls of Queensland Collection Kathmandu Aran in navy and i used #8 knitpicks options.
Spicy's Cardigan
i ended up knitting a sweater entirely in stockinette. my garter rib sleeve cuffs were rejected, so all edges are finished with hems. installing the zipper was not nearly as painful as i feared it to be, but it was very time consuming. i hand basted and then hand stitched the zipper.

the yarn is a merino/silk/cashmere blend, and it is wonderfully soft with a great texture. it's appearance is very similar to the harris DK in my puff sleeve pullover, but it couldn't feel more different. i would love to have a sweater in this yarn myself someday. for now i'll just hug spicy a lot.

he seems really thrilled with his sweater, and saturday was a very chilly day so he got to wear it at least once. i'm not eager to repeat the experience again immediately, but i'm crazy enough to not rule it out entirely. we'll see...let's give it a few years.
Silk and Pearls Cami & Boy Shorts
the last thing i finished on saturday was inserting the elastic in my boy shorts. i got bored one weekend and wanted a quick project, so i used my yellow blue sky cotton to knit the silk and pearls cami from knitting lingerie style.

i used 2 skeins for the cami and some sample beads i had gotten through some internet order. i knit the smallest size and lengthed the cami an inch. i also knit in the round and added faux seams by slipping a stitch at the sides every other row. if i were to knit this again, i'd add a couple more inches to the body.

i had a skein of yarn left, so i knit the boy shorts as well. these were easy to put together and fun in their construction. they fit very well. i knit the smallest size and used #8 and #9 knitpicks options for both items.

i read on ravelry that blue sky cotton machine washes and dries admirably, so i decided to try it. when i pulled them out of the washing machine i nearly had a heart attack, b/c my cute lingerie items looked kind of like used dog blankets. fortunately a run through the drier restored them to their former beauty. i still love this yarn, it's so soft that i really don't care how well it wears. it's the perfect yarn to cuddle up in for sleepwear.

so i still have 5 UFOs to deal with, but 5 is better than 8.

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  1. Ha ha! I love Spicy's first sweater pose! If you artsy fartsyed up the lighting I'd swear I was on Brooklyn Tweeds blog!

    It fits him perfectly!

  2. More great FOs! You had a very productive Saturday! Does Blue Sky Cotton shrink? If not, maybe I should use that for cotton projects... :P

  3. Excellent model pose by Spicey! The cardigan looks great. Like it's very comfy. =)

    Cute little lingerie! Glad the dryer restored them for you. That would have been awful if washing them ruined them.

  4. He looks a bit embarrassed in the first photo! :)

    My gosh the little boy short set looks cute....hee hee I would hate to think what I would look like in that set....eeep! Run for move cover!

  5. I love the book prop. ;)
    Those photos are priceless!

    I couldn't see the boy shorts but I am sure they are great.



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