Saturday, April 12, 2008

Saturday is a Day for Finishing, Part I

did i say i was giving up knitting? uh, i was just kidding.

i used to have a pair of fingerless mitts, but i let spicy have them. even after i knit him his knucks, he still hasn't returned mine to me. spring mornings here are still pretty chilly, and it occurred to me this week that what i could really use is a pair of fingerless mitts. thus, Ysolda Teague's Garter Stitch Mitts were born.
Garter Stitch Mitts by Ysolda Teague
i used one ball of RYC Silk Wool DK and #5 addi turbos. i knit the small size. i was worried about running out of yarn, but i still had a small amount leftover. i used a 3 needle bindoff instead of grafting b/c i am lazy.
Garter Stitch Mitts by Ysolda Teague
i love the simplicity of garter stitch and the short-row thumb shaping is quite clever. the yarn is really soft, but i fear it will pill easily. my hands are much happier now.

it's true that i try not to let my UFOs get to me, but when the pile gets so high that my closet feels the need to squeal on me, it's time to do something about it. i started with the easiest item to finish.

Ta-da! look ma, i sewed on some buttons.
Puff Sleeve Cardigan from Fitted Knits
this started out as the Puff-Sleeve Cardigan from Fitted Knits. The bust is 32". I used 5 skeins of Harris DK Tweed in thistle, purchased for 60% off at the Wild Wools closing sale. According to my ravelry notes, I used #4 and #6 needles. it's good that i jot these things down. i wear the mandarin collar folded down, and also omitted the puff sleeves, replaced the lace with a seed stitch peplum, and i think i did the button band differently too.
Puff Sleeve Cardigan from Fitted Knits
the reason i don't remember all that well is b/c i started knitting this sweater in july 2007 and finished in september. i sewed on the buttons today. i do recall using every last inch of yarn. i hesitated for a long time b/c i wasn't sure that i liked it, but the more that i wear it, the more it grows on me.

that's just the beginning. Part II will be posted tomorrow.

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  1. I like the cardi! Much better IMO sans puffy sleeves. Looks great!

  2. I think 3 needle BO is so much better than normal grafting anyway. Nice mitts!

  3. Yay for finished objects! Your cardigan looks fab!

  4. I like 'em both. The cardi is great on you!

    I use grafting all the time because my 3 needle bind off always gets that 'scar ridge' thingy and leaves a bump. Someday I may figure out if this is normal or not. (I am Lobo, I knit alone. I know not what others knitters get with techniques.)



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