Tuesday, April 08, 2008

one down, at least

Damn you, Memphis! You make me stay up way past my bedtime and then you have the gall to just give the game away to Kansas. Don't you know that I picked you to win and Spicy picked Kansas way back when we filled out our brackets and pledged to bet on something to be determined? Now you've gone and made me lose the bet and I don't even know what I've lost yet. Boo-urns Memphis. I am very disappointed in you.

*yawn* i am very sleepy this morning, probably b/c i stayed awake last night to watch a certain aforementioned overtime. at least i have a shiny new reversible hat to show for it.
Sun Hat from Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing
Sun Hat from Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing
i checked out Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing from the library to make the Sun Hat. i knew going in that the brim is just slightly gigantinormous.
for mine, i traced the brim to be about 2 inches shorter, and i'm satisfied since it retains its sun hat qualities, but isn't nearly as exaggerated as the original. if i were to sew again, i might trim another inch or two and increase the crown height a little to make a more cloche-style hat.

i used leftovers for my hat muslin--white linen and a rayon/poly linen-like blend. at first i wasn't confident that the crown would fit my head but it's perfect in a snug-but-not-tight kind of way. b/c i am lazy and this was a practice hat, i top stitched the lining to the brim instead of hand sewing it. there's a small pucker close to the seam and i will hand sew next time.

i think that this hat would make a great gift as it's quick and easy to sew, but very cute. i highly recommend the book if you are a beginner, b/c most of the projects are variations on rectangles or other simple shapes, but with cute details so that they look professional. the hat would be adorable in fun coordinating prints, or even in a solid with ribbon trim.

over the weekend i went to joann fabrics and purchased a couple of solid shirting fabrics and some black cotton to make my skinny capris. i also picked up McCalls 5586 and used some printed jersey fabric I had purchased from joanns awhile back to make View A. yay, spring sewing plan!
McCall's 5586 View A
McCall's 5586 View A Back
i cut out the size 4. the length is very generous. i am debating whether or not i could get away with wearing this as a minidress. i thought about making the hem shorter, but the billowy-ness makes me look very hip-y at a shorter length.

this top should have been very easy to sew, but i had some issues due to the slipperiness of the fabric and my inability to properly transfer the markings. i love wearing the top, but i'm not fond of sewing with jersey knits. now that i've made this top, i'm not sure i would find it necessary to sew another, but perhaps someday.

i'm wearing it today with a crocheted cropped cardigan, and it looks very nice though perhaps a bit much for work. the style would work well for going out--not that i do much of that these days.


  1. The top turned out very cute, and I LOVE the hat!

    Hubster got me Simple Sewing for Christmas, I should probably open it now...

  2. I love, love, love your top! You look great in it.

    That hat is cute!

  3. I have that book too. I haven't made anything from it, but it doesn't have cute stuff. Good call on shortening the hat brim. I bought a wide brimmed sun hat for my honeymoon cruise last year and it was a total PITA. I couldn't lounge on deck chairs because the brim would hit. Ah, the price of fashion.

  4. I love those type of hats. I have a pattern for one somewhere that I got in Hawaii.

    The tunic top is great! It looks terrific on you. I just went shopping at Nordstrom on Sunday and the store was packed with tops in that vein. I bought some sheer tops in wild patterns to go over jeans and a beater top.
    I think if you find another print you love, you might consider making one more. And yes, I think you could wear that as a mini, outside of work. Absolutely.

  5. Oh man, I love the hat and top!! If it helps, I remember my mom would bitch about Jersey knits too.

  6. I love that hat! Cute top, but that hat is simply awesome. And reversible too, two hats in one. Great job.

  7. I used the word 'absolutely' and no one slapped me. I left standing orders for everyone to kick me or slap me if I ever use that word in place of my tail wagging in enthusiasm.


    Do you know what I am talking about? It is a plague amongst my age group in my town. "Oh! Absolutely!" 5000 times in convo instead of just smiling and nodding one's head in agreement.
    It's like a disease. ;-)

  8. The hat is way cute. Inspiring enough to maybe even try it myself. I may even check out this book--I figure I can sew a rectangle (mostly).

    It may have sucked to use the jersey knit fabric, but it looks very nice. For a very swanky night out, it could totally double as a minidress.

    Sorry about Memphis losing, hope your retribution isn't too bad.



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